The owner of the RV or Tent is responsible for the conduct of all persons using, visiting the RV or Tent, or working on the RV.
Quiet hours are between 11pm and 7am.
Only one RV and one vehicle will be allowed on each site. No other vehicle can be stored without written permission from the Lessor. Golf carts, in working order are permissible, as long as common courtesy and safety rules are observed. No ATV’s allowed.
Lessee specifically agrees to abide by all Federal and State laws and regulations applicable to the ownership, operation and/or use of the RV and the use of Lessor’s facilities, including, but not limited to safety, health, and sanitary regulations.
An adult must accompany campers or guest under age 18.
Petroleum products, paints and other toxic or flammable materials shall not be stored on any campsite.
Alterations or additions to campsite or facilities of Lessor are prohibited unless approved in writing by Lessor.
Roads shall be kept clear of boats, equipment and other items. Do not allow guest to block road when visiting.
All garbage and other trash must be deposited in containers provided by Lessor. No paints, petroleum products, hazardous or toxic wastes shall be deposited in Lessors’s garbage containers, except those specifically provided for such purpose.
All electrical lines, fixtures and equipment which are connected to Lessor’s electrical supply facilities shall conform to all applicable Federal and State laws, codes, and regulations.
Holding Tank Treatment for Marine and R.V.’s must be environmentally correct, biodegradable and contain NO FORMALDEHIDE OR HARSH CHEMICALS.
No commercial activity of any kind whatsoever shall be conducted by Lessee, his agents, servants or guest in Lessor’s facilities without Lessor’s express written consent. No advertising, signs, placards or commercial displays will be permitted on any RV/units in the campground.
No For Sale signs permitted on campers inside campground. Lessees my list their campers with the Lessor, in which they will place the camper on a bulletin board in the laundry room.
No repairs, refitting or other maintenance shall be performed on any RV/unit in the campground except such minor maintenance as would normally be performed by RV/unit owner without benefit of a mechanic or other craftsman.
All pets are to be kept on a leash and kept quiet. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
No mechanic, contractors or other persons shall be employed by Lessee to work on the RV/unit unless such person shall first have registered with Lessor and shall have furnished to Lessor a certificate of worker’s compensation and public liability insurance in a form and with coverage satisfactory to Lessor.
Disorderly conduct, persistent infraction of these rules and regulations or any action, which might reasonably be expected to cause injury or damage to life or property in the facility, shall be cause for termination of the Lease by Lessor and removal of the RV from the campground.
All fire wood must be elevated 8” – 1’ above the ground on concrete blocks or other non-rotting material and kept in a neat stack.
All sewer connectors must be kept clean. No storage of junk/trash allowed on campsite.
All boats must fit properly on your site or be stored at another location other than Crockett Frontiers.
No leaf burning or tree trimming allowed.
No campfires during windy or dry conditions. Please be considerate of you neighbors and put your campfire out if your smoke is blowing in their direction.
All campers are allowed a deck and/or a carport as long as it fits on their spot and is kept in good condition.
Year round camping is permitted.